5 Signs Of Mold In The Crawlspace

Posted on: 31 January 2023

Homes with a crawlspace can suffer mold issues underneath the house. When a crawlspace is properly sealed and vented, it should be too dry for mold to take hold. Issues with the vents can lead to dampness and condensation, which then leads to mold problems. Know the following symptoms of mold in the crawlspace so you can catch problems before they become too bad.

1. Buckling Floors

Mold doesn't grow without moisture, and the condensation that fuels mold growth in the crawlspace will lead to damage to the flooring just above. Hardwood floors may swell, warp, or buckle. Tile can come loose, while linoleum and vinyl flooring may begin to peel up. Even carpeting may feel lumpy thanks to the buckling of the wood subfloor beneath.

2. Discoloration

Discoloration can creep in from the crawlspace as the moisture and mold problem worsens. This discoloration typically occurs on the floorboards and the baseboards. Moisture may seep in and leave behind dark, yellow, or brown stains. Mold and mildew often appear with moisture stains, so you may also notice a whitish or green-black discoloration.

3. Peeling Wallpaper

In rooms with wallpaper, the dampness and mold from the crawlspace will seep into the walls, but it won't be instantly noticeable. The wallpaper can only camouflage the problem for so long, though. Eventually, the bottom edges and lower seams on the paper will begin to peel up. In some cases, even painted walls are affected similarly to wallpaper, except it's the paint that begins to bubble and peel. 

4. Musty Odors

Musty odors indicate that mold or mildew is growing nearby. You can sometimes follow your nose to find the source. If the musty, stale odor is stronger near the floor, then there is likely mold in the flooring or the crawlspace underneath. If your crawlspace is easily accessible, you can go inside it to further sniff for musty mold odors. You may also be able to see the mold growing on the underside of the flooring when you are in the crawlspace.

5. Health Concerns

Mold growth, even that hidden beneath the floors, can cause some health complaints. Respiratory issues, such as trouble breathing and coughing, are common. You may also experience headaches, itchy eyes, and allergy-like symptoms. Nausea affects some people exposed to mold spores. It's important to schedule mold testing if you are suffering health issues in line with mold exposure.

Contact a home mold removal service in your area such as Advanced Mold Professionals to schedule mold testing if you suspect that there could be a mold problem in your crawlspace.


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