How High Should Your Retractable Home Awning Be?

Posted on: 5 October 2022

A retractable awning is a great addition to any outdoor residential space. It provides simple and quick shade while being able to disappear when not in use or when the weather changes. But awnings' unique qualities also mean that finding the perfect installation height is essential for comfort and practicality. Here are a few factors to help you find the ideal height.

1. What Is Standard Clearance? In general, most patio or deck covers need to be high enough to allow people to pass comfortably underneath them. For awnings, this usually means around eight or nine feet. This provides clearance and allows for a slightly sloped pitch without dropping too low for tall guests. 

2. Is There a Door or Window? If your awning will roll out over the top of a door or window, you'll also need extra space above the fixture. Remember, retractable awnings are designed to roll up into a nice, tight bundle near the base. So how much room over the door or window is needed depends on the specific awning. However, overestimating the height needed could make the awning too tall to block the weather. 

3. Will the Pitch Adjust? Many awnings can be adjusted to change the pitch of the slope as needed. This permits you to better block the moving sun, wind, or rain. But you'll need some extra vertical space in which to make those pitch changes without making it uncomfortably low or high.

4. What's Your Weather? When the weather is at its worst, most homeowners retract their awnings to protect the fabric and prevent shearing. But occasionally, things do happen and the awning faces unexpected weather while open. Depending on the likely weather it may face — such as wind, rain, or snow — you might want a certain angle, a greater pitch, or even a lesser pitch. 

5. What's Around It? The awning must fit comfortably within the space around it, so look up and gauge the surrounding space. Are younger trees still maturing and growing? Does the house have overhangs that could interfere with the awning? Will it block views from above, below, or to the sides? You may be able to make small adjustments in design to help avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Where to Start

Ready to start finding the perfect size, shape, and location for your awning? Begin by meeting with a residential awning installation service in your area today.  


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