4 Tips For Installing Your Own Sod

Posted on: 27 June 2022

Have you decided to have sod delivered to your home so that you can install it yourself? If so, you're likely wondering how difficult it will be to get this job done. Here are some tips that are going to help you install your new sod.

Consider Installing An Irrigation System

If you ever wanted to install an irrigation system for your lawn, now is definitely the time. You are going to be starting from scratch with no grass, and it is the perfect time to dig some trenches so that you can bury the pipes. Even though you are using sod to get a jump start on a nice-looking lawn, it still requires a lot of water to get the grass to form roots into the ground and grow. 

Prepare The Lawn Properly

You are going to need to prepare your lawn so that it is ready for the new sod, but the preparation varies depending on the type of ground you are working with. If you have existing grass that is simply not looking so great, you will need to remove all of the old grass before you install sod. This is because the old grass will eventually decompose, which heats up and kills the sod that you've installed above it. That's why you'll need to remove that old grass from the surface, and then rototill the soil.

For ground that does not have grass on it, you'll need to use fill dirt to raise the ground, then compact the soil so that it is flat. Then you will cover the last couple inches of the ground with topsoil. Make sure that the topsoil layer is beneath the ground level for nearby sidewalks, since you do not want the sod to be higher than any cement that is next to it.

Use Sod Fertilizer

It will help tremendously to place a sod fertilizer on the ground so that the sod has the best chance of growing. You'll want to use a spreader to evenly cover the ground, and then a roller to help settle the ground and firm the surface of the soil. Now you'll be ready to lay down the sod.

Prepare To Install The Sod Immediately

Once you have the sod delivered, it is important to immediately start installing the sod. This is because the sod can dry out and wilt under the hot sun. Thankfully, you should be able to schedule when you want the sod delivered so that it is convenient for you. 

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