Tips For Buying A New Washer When You're Short On Money And Space

Posted on: 7 June 2021

You might get by without a dryer if you have a clothesline, but it's pretty difficult to get by without having a washing machine in your home. It doesn't matter if you live alone or have a big family, you need a washing machine to get your clothes clean and smelling fresh. If you don't have much space or a big budget, you may think having your own washer isn't possible. Here are some tips for buying an affordable washing machine that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Top-Loading Washers Cost Less

Top-loaders are usually less expensive than comparable front-loading washing machines. However, you can find expensive top-loaders too. Top-loaders are less expensive to repair so they also save on costs over the years. You might even save on detergent since you can use lower-cost powder detergents with a top-loading machine.

Top-Loaders Take Up Less Space

Because of the way they're designed, front-loading washing machines need more space than comparable top-loaders. The width of the machines may be the same, but front-loaders are usually taller and deeper than top-loading washers. This could make it difficult to fit a front-loader in a tight space such as a laundry closet.

Basic Washers Are The Most Affordable

Washing machines come with a lot of modern features, and while they make doing laundry more convenient, all you need is a basic model to get your clothes clean. A basic machine has adjustable settings so you can still customize your wash, they just lack smart features and other advanced settings that are nice to have but not essential. By looking for a basic washing machine, you could save hundreds of dollars on the cost of your new appliance.

A Small Washer Saves Money Upfront

If you live alone, a small machine is a practical and less expensive choice. If you have a big family, a small washing machine means you'll need to do more loads of laundry. Find out how much water the washers that you're comparing use. Then you can calculate how much it will cost to run your machine each time. This helps you decide if paying less upfront for a small model is worth the extra costs in utilities for having to do more loads each week.

A Used Washer Might Be An Option

When you go to the appliance store to look at new washing machines, ask about used washers. If you can find a quality used machine, you can save money compared to buying new. Just be careful about buying used equipment from a private seller since you never know if you're getting a washing machine that works properly. However, you can feel more confident about buying used equipment from an appliance store.

For more information about washers, contact an appliance store in your area.


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