Ways Damaged Gutters Are A Nuisance To Your Home

Posted on: 11 May 2020

Homeowners don't often think about gutter repair. They might not realize how important functioning gutters are to their house. In fact, leaky, damaged gutters can be a nuisance and even a detriment to your house. Find out why you should have your gutters maintained and repaired.

Reduction of Curb Appeal

Gutters can be damaged in different ways. One of the common issues is they start sagging. Another issue is if they start cracking or shedding parts. Gutters damaged in those ways are unsightly. No matter the state of the rest of your house, gutters that are falling apart will make your home look bad.

Water Damage to the Roof

Gutter issues might not be quite as obvious. They might have clogs along the gutter line. When the water from your roof enters a clogged gutter, it usually flows back up onto your roof. It can get between the soffits and fascia and create water damage to your roof's wooden decking. The water can promote mold growth. It can also cause the wooden decking to rot.

Leaks in Your Walls

Clogs aren't the only thing that can cause water overflow. Gutters can also slip out of place. When that happens, they're no longer leading the water in the correct direction. The water can spill over. It can cause water damage to your exterior walls or get behind siding, which causes the panels to swell. It can even get between the exterior and interior walls, which creates leaks inside your house.

Mold in Your Home

Dark, damp situations are ideal for growing mold. If mold starts growing on your roof decking or between your walls, it could get further into your home itself. With that situation, you can see an increase in allergies from you and your family members. Breathing in mold spores long term can also have a detrimental effect on your health.

Flooding in the Basement

Even if the water doesn't get into your walls or under your roofing, it can collect at the base of your house. The water can start to break down the concrete of your foundation. It may even seep into the basement itself. Indeed, windows, especially egress windows, are likely to let the water in. You could have a flooded basement on your hands.

Damage to Landscaping

A house without gutters ends up with an umbrella effect. Water flows off the roof and splashes to the ground where it creates a circle of erosion in your landscaping. As Home Reference points out, the specific purpose of gutters is to prevent this erosion. If damaged gutters are letting water splash over, you get the umbrella effect anyway.

Don't let your house suffer with damaged gutters — get them repaired. To learn more, contact a company like Mile High Seamless Gutters.


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