Why Won't These Bugs Go Away?!

Posted on: 31 January 2020

A pest infestation that seems to never end is highly annoying, especially if you've taken as many steps as you can to clean up your property and remove attractants like crumbs or standing water. You can defend your home against these repeated waves of pests, but you need to find out what exactly is driving them into your house.

New Populations in Old Nests

Sometimes the issue is new populations of bugs moving into an abandoned nest. Ants are notorious for this; maybe you killed off one nest only to have another move into the same location. This is one time when you definitely need a professional pest control company to help, as they can find the nest and destroy the structure.

Neighborhood Problems

It's not a nice thought, but maybe your neighbors are the source of the problem. This is less likely if you're in a detached house (although you can still suffer from pest problems from a neighbor's infestation, especially for scorpions and roaches), but if you're in a townhouse, condo, or other attached housing, it doesn't take much for bugs to cross a wall. A pest control treatment and complaints to your housing association can get the ball rolling. If you aren't sure if your neighbors are the problem, you can't accuse them, of course, but you can let the housing association know that there is a pest infestation and talk to neighbors to see if they are having similar problems.

Seasonal Issues

Sometimes it's just the weather or the season that is driving more and more bugs inside. Hot, dry weather can force ants inside to look for water; flooding rains can force ants inside to avoid flooded nests and drowning. Summer in the southeast of the country is notorious for roach and mosquito problems simply because there are so many of them. In this case, all you can really do is keep your place clean, don't let piles of papers or dust build up and go undisturbed, and increase the frequency with which a pest control company treats your property. You can reduce those appointments once the weather or season changes, but remember to still keep your place clean so that straggler bugs don't try to take over.

Call a pest control company now and have them inspect your property. They can spot issues that you don't even know exist, which will go a long way toward stopping those waves of bugs.


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