A Chandelier That Varies Slightly From What You Might Expect

Posted on: 24 April 2019

Chandeliers are a popular lighting style that often feature colored or clear glass, shiny fixtures, and interesting trim designs. If you admire this type of lighting, but would like to own a chandelier that is slightly different than the traditional ones that you have seen over the course of your lifetime, then look into purchasing a wood chandelier to hang in your home's dining or living room.

Wood Chandeliers Often Fit Into A Modern Or Rustic Theme

Modern abstract designs are often utilized during the construction of wood chandeliers. Wide or narrow strips of wood that contain rounded, smooth edges and that are a circle, oval, or square shape may be used as the housing that surrounds the bulbs in a chandelier. Strips of wood can also be used as the base of a chandelier that features candle-styled lights. With a candle design, lights are usually spaced out along the perimeter of a wood piece.

A rustic chandelier would make a great addition to a farmhouse, a log cabin, or a vacation retreat that is nestled in the woods. Wood pieces may contain deep marks that are part of the material's natural grain. Varnish and stain that is applied over the wood will provide a chandelier with a well-polished touch and will also preserve the strength of the wood so that a chandelier can be enjoyed for decades to come. 

The Complexity May Vary Greatly

Just like traditional chandeliers, wood chandeliers often feature fancy materials that are designed to enhance a light's design. Stained glass that contains a bold pattern, delicate glass appendages that cascade down from a wooden frame, and shiny or opaque metal or plastic embellishments can be added to a wood chandelier.

There are also wood chandeliers that are on the other side of the spectrum. A more basic style that lacks fancy details can still make quite an impact or become a conversation piece during a festive gathering.

If you aren't sure how a new chandelier will look in your home, think about the properties that you would like a new light to possess. This will help you choose a chandelier size and style. Are you merely in need of new lighting because the current lighting is outdated or not bright enough for your needs? Are you looking to make drastic changes to a room in your home and wish to add a flashy lighting style over the table where you serve meals?

After you have decided upon the main purpose of the wood chandelier that you would like to purchase, browse through the inventory that a retailer supplies until you find a match that meets the criteria that you have chosen. 


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