4 Easy Ways For Busy People To Keep Their Gardens Weed-Free

Posted on: 5 November 2018

It can be a challenge to keep your garden looking great. Weeds sprout up overnight, and sometimes it can feel like a full-time job getting rid of them. Luckily, you can have a beautiful garden without spending inordinate amounts of time weeding. Here are four tips to help you keep your garden weed-free.

1. Use mulch 

Mulch is organic matter used to cover bare patches of soil. It suppresses weed growth by blocking the seed's access to sunlight. You can mulch your garden in an afternoon, and the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. According to The Spruce, you can use straw, compost, newspaper, or bark chips as mulch. Bark is particularly effective at preventing weed growth, and it looks very attractive too.

2. Plant smarter

Like all plants, weeds need water, sunlight, and room to grow. You can reduce the number of weeds in your garden by planting flowers and crops closer together; the foliage from your plants will block sunlight from reaching the soil. Follow the recommended plant spacing on your seed packet. The average perennial should have approximately 12 inches of space, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Don't give your plants too much room to grow or weeds will take advantage of the extra space.

3. Dispose of weeds properly

When you remove weeds, make sure to pull them up by the roots and dispose of them correctly. If you leave uprooted weeds on your lawn, they're likely to take root again and continue growing. Make sure to always discard weeds in the trash can. If your city sanitation department picks up green waste, you can put weeds in the designated biodegradable waste receptacles.

4. Call a professional

The easiest way to take care of your weed problem is to let a professional handle it. A weed control service representative will come to assess your garden and create an action plan. They will use the right kind of herbicide to eliminate your weed problem, and continued treatment of your lawn will keep the weeds from growing back. Let your weed control professional know if you have pets or small children. They can recommend the right herbicides for your specific situation

A little foresight and planning will help you keep weeds out of your garden. Remember that preventing weeds from growing is easier than removing them. These tips will help you grow a beautiful garden that will be a joy to return to after a busy day.


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