Two Types Of Drinking Water Systems Compared

Posted on: 14 August 2018

It is difficult to drink water when there are so many other refreshing beverages that taste better, right? Maybe it would be easier to drink enough water each day if your water tasted better. Now, a lot of people would argue that water has no taste because it is just water, but discerning palates can taste water. If you can taste water, you probably taste  minerals, chlorine (in treated city water only), sulfur (in well water only), and probably a few other metallic tastes. Thankfully, there are two types of drinking water systems that can help you consume more water that tastes better. Here are those two systems compared.

Water Cooler and Water Delivered

You can buy a water cooler that dispenses water from a five-gallon jug. Most club stores will sell you the start-up cooler/dispenser, which plugs into any outlet and immediately begins to refrigerate the water from the inverted five-gallon jug. You can also rent-to-own the system from most water treatment companies, and they will even set up water delivery service to you according to the frequency you desire.

Just to get an idea of how much water five gallons provides, it provides EIGHTY, eight-ounce cups of water, which is enough water for one person for ten days, two people for five days, three people for two-and-one-half days, etc.. That computation will help you set up your water deliveries according to the number of people in your house.

Osmosis System

The cost for an osmosis system is more than the initial cost of a water cooler and water delivery. However, the osmosis system, once installed, provides consistently clean-tasting, cold water from your own kitchen tap. In addition to providing drinking water, this system also provides the same water for cooking, washing dishes, etc., which may help make some of your foods taste better, too.

The only added expense is the occasional filter change, which is easy enough for any homeowner to do. You never have to worry about being home for water deliveries, or budgeting for water deliveries. The water you drink is always right there, in your kitchen, requiring only the push of a faucet to access.

Choosing Your System and Water Service

After you choose your drinking water system and/or water service, talk to water system technicians in your area. Prices vary a little, which is why it is important to look around. Then you can begin enjoying refreshing water.

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