Understanding The Main Types Of Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 28 December 2017

Hardwood flooring is a common type of flooring material that provides both a natural aesthetic with a luxurious finish. However, hardwood flooring is not one size fits all: there are a variety of different types of hardwood flooring options available on the market, each of which has a different set of characteristics associated with it. Understanding the nuances of hardwood flooring can help you choose the best option for your home's flooring needs.


Hardwood flooring can either be finished or unfinished. Finishing refers to the process of applying several layers of protective sealant to the surface of your floor, which will help prevent physical and moisture damage from altering the appearance of your floorboards. Unfinished flooring is ideal if you want a rougher, more rustic look, though it is not more durable (keep in mind that you can always add a sealant later – and you're able to choose the exact color that you want your floor to be). Prefinished hardwood flooring can be installed much quicker, which can help reduce the length and cost associated with a remodel.

Solid and Veneered Hardwood

As their names would suggest, solid hardwood refers to a flooring plank that is literally wood all the way through, whereas veneered hardwood is a thin superficial layer of hardwood that is put over lower quality wood, like plywood. This makes veneered hardwood much less expensive, and ideal for all types of budgets, but comes at the cost of not being able to be refinished in the future (which is the process of simply sanding down a solid hardwood floor to remove the stain, and then applying a new coat – giving your floors the appearance of being brand new without having to rip them up and replace them).

New or Salvaged

Brand new hardwood flooring is highly durable, completely unmarred, and also extremely expensive. This makes it ideal for new homes that are looking for a completely fresh start, or for rooms that are seeking a clean and fresh aesthetic. However, salvaged hardwood is recycled from previous homes or businesses, and comes with already worn in spots. Salvaged hardwood is both sustainable, reducing the environmental impact of your remodel or renovation, and comes at a much lower cost than a brand-new hardwood floor. Furthermore, salvaged hardwood flooring gives you the design options of either installing a worn in floor for a rough-and-tumble appearance, or refinishing it to create the brand new appearance you want at a discounted price.


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