Using Granite Remnants In Your Home: Three Unique Ideas

Posted on: 22 November 2017

If you are crafty and love the challenge of new projects around the house, consider using granite remnants to bring beauty and function to your home. A visit to your local granite shop can offer just the materials you need to take on any of the following projects. Ask about purchasing remnants in bulk for large projects, or simply buy just as much as you need to finish a few smaller DIY jobs. Here are some of the many ways you can use granite remnants in your home:

Refurbish Old Tables

Whether you have an old end tables and coffee tables in your basement or you find a potential treasure at a yard sale, granite remnants can give you a beautiful option for refurbishing this type of old furniture. Use a larger slab of granite to create a new tabletop, or break smaller pieces down to create a mosaic inlay for an old table. For large slabs, ask the staff at your remnant store if you can pay extra to have the edges sanded down. If you prefer, you can use a wet stone grinder with granite polishing pads to finish the edges yourself. Leave the legs untouched, or refinish them with a wood stain to complete your project.

Bathroom Shelving

If you have remnants left after installing a new counter in your bathroom, consider using them to create shelves on either side of your vanity mirror. They can be installed with decorative shelf brackets found at your local hardware store. Use wrought iron brackets to bring a vintage look to your home, or go rustic with natural wood brackets. Embrace the unusual shapes and sizes of remnants to create unique shelf designs, or opt to have them cut to size for a more uniform look. You can also visit your local granite store to find additional remnants that match your counters.

Drink Coasters

For smaller granite remnants, look for mini projects you can create for household use. One option is to make drink coasters. Have remnants cut into uniform square sizes, and use wood trim to create a frame for each one. You can use simple picture frames, or you can purchase think strips of molding from your local hardware store to create a unique look. You'll need a miter saw to create the right shape for the edge of each piece, but you can also ask to have the pieces cut for you at your hardware store. Use wood glue to secure the granite to the frame. For a unique look, purchase remnants in different colors to create a mix-and-match set.

Your local granite store can be a source of inspiration for household crafting projects. Ask about pricing for granite, and put these ideas to use in your home.


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