Don't Forget These Features When Choosing Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 22 September 2017

If your bathroom remodeling project includes installing a new tile surround for the tub and shower, you're in for a treat. You can have some really creative, pretty patterns added that will make your shower look lovely. However, the care needed for those tiles does need to be a consideration, as does the effect on the shower when it's actually being used. What looks great on paper may not necessarily translate to looking great when the bathroom is in use.

Grout Color and Immediate Impressions

Grout used to come in just whitish shades, but now you can get a range of colors including black. The contrast between thin black lines of grout and white tile can be interesting, but it can also look like you just have really dirty grout. If you are considering dark grout to contrast with light tile (as opposed to dark grout to blend with darker tile), keep in mind how the bathroom might look after it's been in use for a while. If you think that the dark grout could be mistaken for dirt, you may want to look at lighter shades of grout or darker shades of tile.

Dark Tile and Its Effects on the Shower Stall

If you do look at darker tile (because of the grout or for another reason), try to picture what the stall would look like when the shower curtain was closed. Many shower stalls and tubs don't have a light right above it, and if you've got a solid shower curtain closing off the stall, that could turn the stall into a very dark, cramped space. Lighter tile may be better here because it will not add to the gloominess.

Of course, this is going to differ for each layout. If you have a light near the stall, or the stall is enclosed with clear glass doors, then the darker tile isn't going to look quite as depressing. In fact, if the rest of the bathroom is rather bright, the dark tile can provide a very nice contrast.

Tile Size and Cleaning Frequency

One more item to keep in mind is that the tile size will affect the frequency of cleaning. Bathrooms should be cleaned often, of course, but smaller tiles and more grout can lead to more mildew growth as it likes to grow on grout. You could face a lot of cleaning if you use very small tiles. Larger tiles may look cleaner, and if they are white or a light shade, soap scum won't show up as much on those. Spray-on bleach cleaners make short work of mildew that grows on grout, so you don't have to avoid tiny tiles. But just be sure you know what you are getting into when you choose a design.

Meet with bathroom remodeling contractors to see what tiles they offer and what patterns they suggest. The finished project will look fantastic if you choose the right styles and patterns.


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