Adding a Spare Bathroom? Here's Your Checklist for Success

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Whatever reason you have for adding another bathroom to your home, there are a few things that go into any great bathroom design; here are some starting places for planning a great add-on bathroom.

Consult With Those Who Will Use the Bathroom Frequently

Likely, you're going to be booting a family member into the new bathroom to make your current one less crowded. So, it makes sense to give that person the most input to design and features in the bathroom. Every person could have different opinions on fixtures, due to different habits and even differing heights. To those points, consider that the average sink height may be too high or low for the specific users of that bathroom. Some users may value more sink space, while others would prefer not to feel claustrophobic with many items in a smaller space.

Choose Sleek Finishes

Look into ways to make your finishes sleek and easy to clean. Glass shower enclosures are a starting point, but you could also think about streamlined faucet heads and glass finish cabinets as ways to make the bathroom look cleaner and fresher. Going along with the glass theme, consider cabinet glass inserts for bathroom cabinetry; they are easy to clean and they won't sop up any spilled medication or start to buckle due to the bathroom's moisture.

Choose Eco-Friendly Fixtures

If your main bathroom isn't great with its water conservation, this is your chance to choose the fixtures that are at the top of their game on being efficient. Consider that low flow toilets can save several gallons per flush, and you'll realize the importance of paying a little more for these efficient plumbing features.

Choose the Right Bathtub/Shower Combo

If you want to have both a bath and a shower in your new bathroom, consider that there are ways to do this without all of the extra maintenance of your current bathroom. Glass doors will help with cleanup, for one. But also consider how the finish of the tub itself may lend itself to less frequent cleanings. And, do you want the whole setup to take up less space? Square tubs may take up less space than rounded tubs, and your custom glass installation technician can create a custom shower enclosure to keep it all in place.

These are some starting points for your renovation. Many remodel companies and interior designers focus on bathroom designs, as these are some of the more popular renovation options. With their help and the help of this checklist, you're on your way to a great decision.


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