Safety Tips for Usinga Portable Backyard Fire Pit Table

Posted on: 14 March 2017

If you are updating your backyard this summer with the addition of a portable fire pit table, then it is important that you know how to safely operate it. Without properly operating it, your new fire pit table will be a fire hazard and a danger to your children and pets. To ensure everyone's protection while operating your new fire pit table, follow each of these essential safety tips: 

Only Place Your Portable Fire Pit Table in a Cleared Area With No Vegetation

When you are looking for a good place to put your fire pit table for your backyard party, you should select an area with no vegetation growing around it. Since the wood in your fire pit will occasionally pop and send out sparks, you need to ensure that there is nothing within many feet of the fire pit so that you will not have the risk of a secondary fire.

Never Use Your Fire Pit Table Under Your Patio Cover

You should never operate your new fire pit table under your patio cover. As the fire burns, it will send up sparks and these sparks can start a fire when they come into contact with your patio cover. Additionally, you should always use your portable fire pit table where there are no trees or structures overhanging it for the same reason.

Only Burn Hardwoods Without Lighter Fluid in Your Fire Pit

When you start a fire in your new fire pit table, you should not use any lighter fluid because it can cause a dangerous flame up that could burn you. Instead, start a small fire using some paper and small twigs. As the fire grows, add hardwood logs to it. It is important that you do not burn pine and other soft woods in your fire pit because they will pop and send out sparks that can burn you and your family members.

Remove and Dispose of Ashes Safely

Finally, it is very important that you remove all of the ashes from your portable fire pit after it has been used. If you store your fire pit with the ashes inside of it, then it can become damaged. When you remove the ashes, always ensure that they are cold and there are no more smoldering embers. Never place the ashes into a paper bag or directly into your trash can, instead, place them into a metal container until you are certain they have completely cooled and can be safely disposed of. 


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