4 Types of Natural Stone & How They Can Be Used to Enhance Your Home

Posted on: 7 December 2016

Have you been pondering the thought of using natural stone, either on the exterior or interior of your home? There are several varieties of natural stone which are utilized for various home-enhancing applications. Natural stone is durable and easy to maintain, and you have several options to choose from. Natural stone is generally classified by two categories: soft and hard.

If you are unfamiliar with the types of natural stone that may be incorporated into your home's decor or used as an addition, here is a list of the various types and how they may be used in your home:

1. Marble Natural Stone

This is a very popular choice of soft stone that may homeowners choose for its distinctive appearance and aesthetic appeal. Marble is available in a wide array of colors to complement most any home decor. Inside your home, you might use it for flooring, for bathroom tiles, for vanities and more. It also makes a wonderful addition to a foyer or entryway in your house. In addition, marble is a popular natural stone option for constructing a fireplace. This natural stone id also resistant to bacterial growth and moisture, making it a good choice for installing in the bathroom or kitchen.

2. Slate Natural Stone

Slate is another soft natural stone that may be used for the interior or exterior of your home. You'll find many color options exist, primarily grays, green, blue, purple and red. The naturally occurring iron compounds in slate are what give it the various colors. Slate is a practical and versatile stone, often retaining its original color. This makes it a good choice for outdoor applications, as it is not likely to fade under the exposure of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Indoors, consider slate natural stone for your floor tiles. It is slip resistant, making it a good choice for households with young children or elderly. The kitchen and bathroom are good areas to install slate flooring. You might also consider slate as a good material for your windowsills, as it will last a long time.

Outdoors, consider slate for your paving needs. It's especially resilient to frost and harsh weather conditions. Patios and pathways are some fine choices for installing slate. In addition, you might find that natural slate is a good option for roofing tiles, as they will withstand almost any weather condition.

3. Limestone Natural Stone

Limestone is readily available at most home improvement centers and building supply companies. It's a soft yet very durable natural stone that may be used in the home. It is available as a large block or in pulverized form. Some homeowners actually prefer to use this natural stone as a fertilizer in their garden, as it naturally conditions the soil. However, there are other uses as well.

Use limestone as a bathroom shower wall by creating a spa-like appearance by installing a limestone bathtub. It also makes a good natural material for creating a unique fireplace mantle. You can also use limestone for your bathroom counter top—it absorbs and reflects natural light, making it a good choice for this area.

4. Granite Natural Stone

This is a naturally hard stone that is a popular choice for tiled floors and for counter tops. Also use granite for table tops, fireplace mantels, kitchen islands, backsplashes and bathroom sinks. However, you must note that it should be sealed to keep it from cracking over time, especially when installed in high traffic areas.

Create a decomposed granite patio or walkway for the exterior of your home. The natural durability makes it a good exterior choice. Decomposed granite patios are most suitable for dry climates, however.  

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