Five Convincing Reasons To Replace Your Flooring

Posted on: 27 June 2014

Five Reasons to Replace Your Flooring

Are you debating whether or not to replace the flooring in your home? These 5 reasons are meant to convince you that it's time for a change.

1. Renovations Increase Home Value

If you are preparing to move and want to increase the value of your property, new flooring is key. Potential buyers are looking for flooring that is new. Most prefer hardwood. According to CBS News, when you install hardwood flooring you should easily get 75% payback. If you do the labor yourself, you should recoup the entire flooring expense from the property value increase. Also keep in mind that homes with new flooring sell more quickly than the ones without it.

2. You Are Making Other Updates

Even if you are not planning on moving, you might be working on home renovations to update appliances or change the layout of your home. Consider the state of your flooring. Ask yourself if your current floor matches the planned updates. A brick red, 70s shag carpet will not suit modern furniture.

It might be necessary to replace your flooring even if it complements your renovations. If you are tearing down walls, replacing kitchen appliances, and moving large pieces of furniture, you risk damaging your floors. As part of your planning, take precautions to protect the floor from harm so it doesn't get damaged beyond repair.

3. Flooring is Damaged Beyond Repair

Despite carefully protecting your floor during renovations, there comes a point in every home where the flooring has to be replaced. Watch for signs of damage to know when your floor needs to go. Indications that flooring can no longer be salvaged differ between each material.

Keep in mind that carpet can be patched when stained, but it needs to be replaced if extensive damage occurs. Replace carpets that have had septic water damage. Bacteria from septic water is a major health concern. In addition to moisture damage, carpet fibers and padding get worn down and should be replaced every 10 years.

It is easy to know when tile should be replaced. Cracked and broken tiles need immediate attention. If you exchange them early, you won't need to replace your entire tile floor. If you wait, however, water will seep into the subfloor of your home and cause structural damage.

Wood floors and laminate should last longer than other flooring materials. You can resand and refinish them up to 5 times before they need replacing. Unfortunately, they must be changed if widespread warping occurs. Major deformities happen when water damage or humidity causes the wood to expand outward. The panels will overlap, cup, or split. These pieces need to be replaced.

4. Create Uniformity on the Main Level

Install new flooring in the main level of your home to create uniformity. Instead of breaking up your rooms with carpet, tile, and wood, choose your favorite material and place it throughout the entire living area. This is especially recommended for homes with an open concept layout. The use of one flooring material helps reinforce the flow from room to room.

5. Match Flooring to Room Function

While uniformity is best on the main level of your home, diversity contributes to the other parts of the house. Different floors accommodate different functions. If you have young children, carpeted bedrooms are safer to play on than hard floors. If you have teenagers who utilize a game room, choose flooring that is easily soundproofed, such as wood or carpet. In bathrooms, use water-resistant tile or wood for easy cleaning. Cold basements benefit from carpet, which acts as another layer of insulation. Highlight each room's specific function by complementing it with the right floor.

Are You Convinced to Replace Your Flooring?

If you feel that any of the above reasons validate your urge to replace the flooring in your home, then get started! Pick flooring that suits your needs—from locations like National Carpet Mill Outlet—and will last for years to come. 


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