Creative Landscapers In Naperville IL

Posted on: 8 January 2014

Contrast catches the eye. When creative landscapers in Naperville IL are able to utilize differing elements of color, height, and shape to draw in a viewer, they naturally create high appeal which makes people want to take off their shoes and relax for a while. For residential landscapers in Naperville IL, the sight of a dozen people choosing to picnic in their yard rather than moving the celebration to the local park, is the grandest of compliments to a great design. Great design starts with a focal point. Too often novice landscapers in Naperville IL will incorporate multiple elements into a single yard without consideration for their harmony. Even if every individual element in the yard is gorgeous, their beauty is somewhat wasted if they are not part of a cohesive theme. Selecting one main focal point guards against using to many contrasting elements which will actually detract from one another. Once the focal point has been chosen, it is important to take note of its height. Too often, yards consist of only two different heights; tree height and bush height. As beautiful as trees and rose bushes are, they do not provide the contrast that is needed to really implement creative landscaping design. Typically, it is important to have at least four different heights incorporated into a single yard. There can be more than this, but generally such complex designs are left to very creative landscapers in Naperville IL. For example, one yard incorporated a grassy hill in contrast to the trees and bushes around it. Rather than having just a single apex height of a rolling hill, the landscapers used cubes of wire mesh filled with rocks to create a wide variety of geometric levels which lead to the top. A unique ground cover was used which would thrive as it grew along the wire mesh, and the rocks provided a very sturdy foundation for people to walk on. In addition to varying the height of objects within the landscaping, it is important to incorporate splashes of bright colors and textures. Longer grasses mixed with ground cover can create a sense of texture while implementing differing heights in a single flower bed. Similarly, the hardy texture of a gazebo can be complimented by surrounding it with smooth pavers or close cropped grass. To make it even more pronounced, the gazebo could be stained with a dark mahogany or burnt amber shade, which creates dynamic contrast between the lush green color of the grass around it. If the gazebo happened to be the focal point of the yard, then knee high planters could surround it, with splashes of bright yellow flowers. Against the backdrop of a blue sky, the splashes of color and variety of heights would immediately draw a person's attention. If hanging planters of red blossoms were added to the mix, the vibrancy of the image would only increase. Lastly, when putting the finishing touches on a landscaping project, it is important not to overlook ornamental features. For example, the manner in which a tree is pruned can either add or detract from the focal point of the yard. Similarly, the placement of seasonal plants and bulbs can completely overrun a focal point if they are not carefully balanced to create a purposeful element of contrast. The best way to tastefully incorporate seasonal elements such as these, is to complete a drawing or Photoshop a picture of the yard, to represent each season of the year. What may seem like a good idea when looking at the landscaping in the middle of the summer season, may not seem like the best choice when winter has eliminated the long grasses and flowers. Click here for info on landscaping.



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